Optimism and Positivity

A positive attitude will never have a smile on your face, anytime it is over. Although things are completely confusing, the optimistic {mentality | Psychology | Attitude | Mind-set | Attitude |

About managing mental attitude and attitude. As mentioned above, proper or unhealthy diet for your body, positive and negative thoughts will do the same as your mind!

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and you will see amazing changes around you.

An honest attitude or a positive attitude means that the external interpretation of the mind is based entirely on positive things. It is a mentality that favors activity over dissatisfaction, happiness over despair, and vain hope.

A positive attitude is a state of mind that can only be maintained through conscious effort.

Positive people understand that once a subject has shifted a person’s mental focus in a negative direction, changes must be made to bring prosperity.

Positive Thinking, Thoughts, Optimism, Hope, and Belief A positive mind expects happiness, health, joy and a specific outcome of every illustration and action and works miracles like magic.

Big 5 Personality Traits


The Big Five personality traits is a proposed scientific classification, or gathering, for personality characteristics, created from the 1980s forward in psychological trait theory. At the point when factor analysis (a statistical technique) is applied to personality survey data, it uncovers semantic affiliations, which are words used to portray parts of character. These affiliations are regularly applied to a similar individual. For instance, somebody portrayed as conscientious is bound to be depicted as “arranged all of the time” rather than “untidy”. These affiliations recommend five broad aspects utilized in like manner language to portray the human personality, demeanor and psyche.

It is essential to take note of that every one of the five character factors addresses a range between two limits. For instance, extraversion addresses a continuum between extreme extraversion and extreme introversion. In reality, a many people lie some place in the middle of the two ends of each…

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Ethiopia Starts Electricity Production at Nile Mega-Dam

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed inaugurated electricity production from the country’s mega-dam on the Blue Nile on Sunday, a milestone in the multi-billion-dollar project.

Abiy, accompanied by high-ranking officials, toured the power generation station and pressed a series of buttons on an electronic screen, a move that officials said initiated production.

“This great dam was built by Ethiopians but not only for Ethiopians, rather for all our African brothers and sisters to benefit from,” an official presiding at the launch ceremony said.

“The day every Ethiopian has sacrificed for, hoped and prayed for, is finally here.”

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is set to be the largest hydroelectric scheme in Africa but has been at the centre of a regional dispute ever since work first began in 2011.

The $4.2-billion (3.7-billion-euro) project is ultimately expected to produce more than 5,000 megawatts of electricity, more than doubling Ethiopia’s electricity output.

State media reported that the dam had started generating 375 megawatts of electricity from one of its turbines on Sunday.

The process of filling the GERD’s vast reservoir began in 2020, with Ethiopia announcing in July of that year it had hit its target of 4.9 billion cubic metres.

The reservoir’s total capacity is 74 billion cubic metres, and the target for 2021 was to add 13.5 billion.

Last July Ethiopia said it had hit that target, meaning there was enough water to begin producing energy, although some experts had cast doubt on the claims.

More than 60 percent of the Ethiopian population does not have access to electricity. The GERD project is seen as one that addresses the problem.

Credit: CGTN Africa

BLOGGING vs VLOGGING – Major Differences!


One of the hottest debates in the digital world is blogging vs vlogging, both blogging and vlogging can help businesses and individuals grow their brand andmake money online. The good thing about the digital space is that anyone can start blogging or vlogging. The startup costs, so to speak, are minimal. However, you have to have a strategy in place to succeed, as there’s tons of competition.

As there is a rapid rise in online video content, vlogging is also becoming a good option to generate income. But is it better than blogging? Let’s learn in this detailed blogging vs vlogging comparison.

What is a Blog?

Originally called a weblog, Blogs can be standalone websites or part of another website. Blogs can feature other media, too, like pictures, videos, audio clips, in addition to text. Just how you read op-eds in the newspaper, blogs are spaces for people to express…

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House of FDRE Promulgates National Dialogue Commission Establishment Proclamation

House of FDRE promulgates National Dialogue Commission establishment proclamation

(Parliament news): December 29, 2021: The 2nd Special Sitting of the House of Peoples’ Representatives of the FDRE promulgated a bill of proclamation for the establishment of the National Dialogue Commission of the nation, today.

During the sitting, House Speaker Honourable Tagesse Chaffo said; the prospective Commission shall be neutral, trustworthy and participatory along its line of duties which will align with other pertinent laws of the land.

Honourable Speaker remarked, the Commission is one of the national institutions believed to bring the expected national consensus in the national issues as well as proximity of polarized thoughts. Hence, as to him, the proclamation is of paramount importance.

Chairperson of the Legal, Justice and Democracy Affairs Standing Committee, Honourable Etsegenet Mengistu disclosed; the Standing Committee has held public hearings since the day the bill was referred to it for further scrutiny. Public stakeholders form Justice Sector, Civic Societies, Religious Council, Public and Private Media firms, University Scholars and Public Figures were given opportunities to get involved in the process of qualifying the bill, she noted. In addition, concerned bodies from regional and city administrations of the nation were made to take parts in enhancing the scrutiny of the proclamation.

The anticipated leadership of the Commission, according to the Chairperson, shall possess the appropriate capacity needed to lead the Commission at its expected realm and shall be as neutral as possible. The major intention behind the establishment of the Commission is just depleting the disparities regarding the fundamental issues of the national concerns and evolve important discussions in it, she underscored.

During the deliberation, MPs raised questions and forwarded comments on the bill. Honourable Desalegn Channie (PhD) on his part disfavoured the time appropriation of the bill. As to him, the bill of proclamation should have never came forward for resolution in these days where the nation is still in the war conflict and citizens from all corners aren’t at an enabling atmosphere to say their parts in it.

MPs aligning with this aspect added, rather than dealing with the bill, it would be appropriate to render psychological treatment for the war ravaged citizens and bring back them to their original places of which they were internally displaced because of the terrorist military assault launched on them.

On the other hand, MPs who withstood the aforementioned idea said; though it’s too early to speak of public clarity on the proclamation, the proclamation itself paves ways of pivotal importance for narrowing the polarized outlooks being observed even on the same subject.

These MPs added, the proclamation is of paramount importance to bring about lasting solutions to domestic problems using cultural means and binding societal core values. As to them, the proclamation will help the sorting out and identification of obstacles that hinder the most-wanted national consensus and liberate the nation from the challenges that it’s facing nowadays.

Honourable Etsegenet reacted to questions and opinions of MPs and said; the pending rules and regulations will fill the loopholes in the proclamation. The National Dialogue Commission will establish all the necessary operational interaction with Reconciliation Commission and other similar institutions as per the anticipated upcoming dialogues, she indicated.

The House, in its Special Sitting of the 1st year of the 6th term of parliament promulgated the bill of proclamation with a majority vote of abstinence and 13 nays.

Why Biden’s Administration understood the negative effect of Natural disaster (Hurricane) in US and unable to seen the negative effects of man-made disaster (TPLF disaster) in the north Ethiopia?

Research Center Damaged By TPLF Terrorist Group

MoFA says some Western media unwilling to report TPLF defeat

The silence of some Western media indicates their unwillingness to report the reality in Ethiopia and their vested interest to rescue the defeated terrorist TPLF, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Briefing the media yesterday, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Ambassador Dina Mufti said Ethiopia is dismayed by the usual practices of these media as they do not want to cover the right thing at the right time. 

He noted that the media outlets did not show any interest in reporting the devastations caused by the TPLF in the Amhara and Afar states. This is what they were doing before and they are repeating now to execute the interest of their owners, the spokesperson stressed. 

“There is no chance that they will accept the defeat of this group, but their direction is to save this group from extinction,” Dina stated. In his weekly briefing, the spokesperson also mentioned the visit of President Sahle- Work Zewde to Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon and Angola where she met presidents of the three countries and held discussions about strengthening bilateral relations.

According to him, the leaders of the countries have reaffirmed their support for Ethiopia. Ethiopian communities in the countries were briefed on the current situation in Ethiopia by the president, it was learned.

The spokesperson also highlighted the visit of PM Abiy Ahmed to Turkey where he met with President Tayyip Erdogan and discussed wide-ranging of issues of common interest. Deputy PM and Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke Mekonnen had a visit to South Sudan and held discussion with Salva Kiir Mayardit about strengthening bilateral ties.

During the discussion, the president has reiterated the unwavering support of South Sudan’s for Ethiopia, the trust and confidence of his country in the wisdom and capacity of the Ethiopian leadership in overcoming internal problems.

Dina further said various achievements have also been obtained during the week in telling the reality of Ethiopia through various engagements.

The Ethiopian Herald December 24/2021

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