Optimism and Positivity

A positive attitude will never have a smile on your face, anytime it is over. Although things are completely confusing, the optimistic {mentality | Psychology | Attitude | Mind-set | Attitude |

About managing mental attitude and attitude. As mentioned above, proper or unhealthy diet for your body, positive and negative thoughts will do the same as your mind!

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and you will see amazing changes around you.

An honest attitude or a positive attitude means that the external interpretation of the mind is based entirely on positive things. It is a mentality that favors activity over dissatisfaction, happiness over despair, and vain hope.

A positive attitude is a state of mind that can only be maintained through conscious effort.

Positive people understand that once a subject has shifted a person’s mental focus in a negative direction, changes must be made to bring prosperity.

Positive Thinking, Thoughts, Optimism, Hope, and Belief A positive mind expects happiness, health, joy and a specific outcome of every illustration and action and works miracles like magic.

PM Abiy Includes Three Competing Political Party leaders New Cabinet

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed included three competing political party leaders in the new cabinet of the federal government of Ethiopia.

The House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) today has approved a new cabinet proposed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. According to the Ethiopian Constitution, the Prime Minister has full the power to recruit his cabinet members from the members of two houses or individuals out of the houses whom the PM thinks are capable to be part of the cabinet.

The PM included three competing political party leaders in the 22 members of his newly formed cabinet. Accordingly, PM Abiy appointed Prof. Berhanu Nega, Chairman of Ethiopian Citizen for Social Justice appointed as Minister of Education, Belete Molla, Chairperson of National Movement of Amhara (NMA) appointed as Minister of Innovation and Technology and Kejela Merdasa, Vice President of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) appointed as Minister of Culture and Sport.

The objective of this move is to demonstrate possibility of working together for national interest despite political differences, as it is a new trend in Ethiopia, Abiy said during the occasion.

Is Protecting Our Environment A Priority?

Look around yourself. Listen to the rustling of leaves, feel the bracing winds on your face, experience the trickling water slip through your fingers, hear the rumbling of clouds and the plashing patter of steady rain. Now imagine yourself in a place devoid of all this. Pretty hard to imagine, isn’t it? It may be difficult now to envision a world sans nature, but it is a dreadful reality looming over us.

For over a century now, humans have been constantly capitalising on nature, an indispensable asset to extract monetary benefits. People treat nature simply as a warehouse of resources to serve human needs. ‘There is enough in nature for everybody’s need, but not enough for everybody’s greed’ is an apt statement made by Mahatma Gandhi that throws light on the avaricious temperament of mankind.

Humans are unappeasable creatures that can go on exploiting the environment without a second thought. They never think about the consequences of their actions and time and again they’ve paid the price for this.

Now, a new problem has come to the fore — climate change.

We are facing a potentially staggering expansion of dangerous heat over the coming decades. Climate change poses a fundamental threat to flora and fauna. Due to global warming, sea levels are rising and oceans are becoming warmer. Longer, more intense droughts threaten crops and freshwater supplies. It might be possible that our grandchildren or great-grandchildren wouldn’t be fortunate enough to witness the beauty of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands as it would be submerged underwater.

Global warming is the direct outcome of high levels of pollution. Today, pollution is the most significant issue that concerns the health of our environment. Industrialisation and modernisation encouraged the widespread use of fossil fuels. Hundreds of factory chimneys spew black smoke into the skies and large quantities of refuse and waste products pollute the air and water.

We’re producing and consuming more than ever before, and generating more greenhouse gases as a result, as well as air pollutants in the form of chemicals and particulate matter. These activities have interfered with the Earth’s natural greenhouse effect. Too many of these gases result in the Earth’s atmosphere trapping additional heat.

A dangerous constituent of these gases is Chlorofluorocarbon, also known as Freon. It is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. CFC’s lower the average concentration of ozone in the stratosphere. Discarded spray cans, leaking refrigerators and the burning of plastic products release the CFC’s into the atmosphere. Depending on the type, CFC’s stay in the atmosphere from 22 to 111 years.

Due to the depletion of the ozone layer, the earth is exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Exposure to UV radiation is the main factor that causes skin cells to become cancer cells and is also responsible for sunburns and blindness.

Protecting the environment is the need of the hour. If we don’t take preventive actions now, we will have to face terrible consequences in the future. The air might become too toxic to breathe, the water too contaminated to drink, and the rainfall too acidic to harvest. Children might never enjoy the sun without getting sunburnt.

It’s time that we show some appreciation for all that nature has given us. We can all do our bit to conserve the environment, starting by switching off the electric appliances, not in use and not littering our surroundings. 

Blood type

Do you know your blood type? If you haven’t been in any medical situations where blood type is important, you might not.

We know that there are 8 main blood groups that make up most of the world’s population.

But it turns out that scientists still don’t know why we evolved different blood types. And that may remain a mystery for a long time. But from now, science can at least tell you about your own blood.

Knowing your Blood type

In develops parts of the world, it’s not crucial to know your blood type off the top of your head. Doctors will typically run tests before any major procedure and if there’s any doubt in a medical emergency, you’ll most likely receive O negative blood, because that’s the universal donor blood that’s save to give to any A, B, AB or O recipient.

Blood type experiments

For thousands of years nobody really understood blood. A Greek doctor Claudius Galenus from 200 CE believed that it was created food and liver, and this school of thought lived on for nearly 1500 years.

It wasn’t until in the 17th century A british doctor named William Harvey, discovered that blood actually circulated through the body. This spawned A new age of experimentation with blood.

In 1665, an English physician successfully kept one dog alive by transfusing it with a blood of another dog. Just two years later, doctors began experimenting with Xenotransfusions. That is transfusing humans with animal blood, such a sheep. And those human patients died.

It wasn’t until 1900 that we finally realised people and animals actually have different types of blood that determine whose blood can mix with whose. That’s where different letters came into play.

If you’re type A, your immune system will perceive type B blood as an intruder and trigger auto immune response that can cause

  • kidney failure,
  • extensive blood clotting, and
  • even shock.

The reverse is true of type B blood. The immune system will attack type A.

AB blood however, accept both A and B blood without triggering the auto immune response. These things get little bit complicated when introduced there negative and positive part of your blood type. Positive can’t accept negative, but the opposite is extremely dangerous.

Other than 8 Blood types

To further complicate things scientists have discovered dozens of more blood type, such as the Duffy blood group, which can determine your susceptibility to malaria. Or the Hh blood type, which 1 in 10,000 people in India have. But the vast majority of the humans fall into this A, B, O system.

As per why humans evolved this complicated system of blood types and compatibility, we really don’t know. The original mutations are thought to date back nearly 20 million years. But whatever the biology is behind blood typing, it’s a real practical thing that matters.

It’s just not a bad idea to know your blood type. If you’re traveling somewhere that’s rural, or doesn’t have access to advance medicine, it’s good for you and your travelling companion to know your types, just in case of an accident along the way. In big emergency closer to home, blood banks often put in calls for donors of a specific type. And remember if you’re type O Negative, you’re an extremely useful universal donor. So, knowing your type can give you a peace of mind.

Every citizen in our country should think about that. (You all must read it)

Life is very strange, it makes us laugh and make us cry, even if it makes us love, it also teaches us to hate. Time has changed in this world and people’s thinking too, but still there are many people who do not change with time. They bring sweetness as well as bitterness to the world. Time is a matter of time, today is mine, tomorrow will be yours. If today is good, tomorrow will be bad. There is only one thing in all this, that is that we should promise ourselves. We should promise from our heart that we will face every problem without any fear.

Abdul Kalam has said - "every pain gives a lesson and every lesson changes a person"

Happiness does not come in life until we try to get it. Sadness is always with you but happiness has to be brought not happiness. Happiness is not necessary, whether there will be a big house or a lot of money, only he gets it. Happiness is what we get from every little thing. Waiting for happiness does not bring happiness, for that we have to do something in such a way that it automatically comes to us. Living life is not easy for anyone, everyone has to face many problems Maybe we just couldn’t stand it, We also get happiness by sitting in the midst of nature, we also get it by having fun with friends, we also get it by spending time with family. We also get happy seeing ourselves beautiful.

We have to find happiness only in times of troubles. For that, we just have to do this, whenever problems come, we should just do that which makes us feel good. We should keep ourselves busy so that negative vibes do not come in our mind, we remain positive and when we think positive, we get the solution of every problem. And when the problem is found, we should face it happily because we have a reason to be sad. That’s why we should do what our heart wants, we should do what can make us happy. Because the more we are afraid of the problem, the more we run away from it, the more that problem bothers us.


Hope is a word that holds great importance in the lives of all of us. There are many such people in our life from whom we expect that he will do this, or it will happen, or he will help us. We don’t expect from ourselves, we expect the most and so maybe we lose. Hope is the word in the life of all of us, which even shows us a way to live, and even it bothers us. The word hope is like a lamp that lights up even in the dark. We should never give up hope. Because only one hope gives us the courage to get out of all our problems. But we should not expect from others too much. We should always believe in ourselves, expect from ourselves that we can do everything right. It is not bad to expect from others, but it is wrong to leave everything on their trust, due to which we have to face troubles many times. Because expecting more from others is like lighting a lamp in the rain. Just we should not stop hoping when the problem comes, we should trust that everything will be fine. Because one hope changes our whole life, we just have to do it peacefully, we have to be happy.

  • There are many problems in everyone’s life, in today’s time everyone is going through some troubles or the other. Be it a girl or a boy, a doctor or a police, parents or a children, a teacher or a student, a leader or a public, an actor or an actress, everyone in this world has a problem. Problems will never end in the world, with time, the problems will also change and those who give problems will also We cannot change anyone, just learn to face our problem, then the problem will seem small in every time. We will definitely feel afraid, sometimes the fight will be with outsiders, sometimes with our loved ones and sometimes our fight will be with ourselves. But if we learn to face the problem happily with a true heart, then every problem will be solved. We should do whatever makes us happy. It is not necessary that the whole world will understand us, we just understand ourselves, this is enough.

Greenhouse Effect

GreenHouse effect, a warming of Earth’s surface and lower atmosphere (the most minimal layer of the environment) brought about by the presence of water fume, carbon dioxide, methane, and certain different gases noticeable all around. Of those gases, known as ozone depleting substances, water fume has the biggest effect.

The beginnings of the term Green House effect are muddled. French mathematician Joseph Fourier is now and then given credit as the main individual to coin the term GreenHouse effect dependent on his decision in 1824 that Earth’s environment worked also to a “hotbox” that is, a helio thermometer (a protected wooden box whose top was made of straightforward glass) created by Swiss physicist Horace Benedict de Saussure, which kept cool air from blending in with warm air. Fourier, nonetheless, neither utilized the term Green House effect nor acknowledged barometrical gases for keeping Earth warm. Swedish physicist and actual scientific expert Svante Arrhenius is credited with the beginnings of the term in 1896, with the distribution of the main conceivable environment model that clarified how gases in Earth’s climate trap heat. Arrhenius first alludes to this “hot-house hypothesis” of the climate—which would be referred to later as the Greenhouse impact in his work Worlds really taking shape (1903).

Human activities contribute to global warming by increasing the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect happens when certain gases known as greenhouse gases collect in Earth’s atmosphere. These gases, which occur naturally in the atmosphere, include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, and fluorinated gases sometimes known as chlorofluorocarbons

Abbaan kiyya lafti dhiiga, lafeedha, lafa kennuurra si dhabee ilmaan kee guddifachuu naa wayya naan jedhe” -Aadde Caaltuu Saanii

Itoophiyaatti wayita ammaa dubartoonni jajjaboon gara hoggansaa dhufuun bu’aqabeessummaasaanii agarsiisaa jiru. Baay’een ministirummaafi ministir deetummaa akkasumas sadarkaa ittigaafatama addaddaatiin biyyaafi ummatasaanii tajaajilaa jiru.

Akka Oromiyaattis dubartoonni ciccimoon hogganummaasaanii akka fakkeenyaatti ka’aan ni jiru. Keessumaa magaalota Oromiyaa baay’ee kan hogganan kantiiboota dubartootaati. Keessummaan keenya maxxansa kanaas sadarkaalee hoggansa garagaraatiin kan hojjetan yoo ta’u, keessumaa wayita kantiibaa Magaalaa Laga Xaafoo Laga Daadhii turan qalbii ummataa seenan.

Hojii boonsaa yeroo sana hojjetanirraa kaasuun ammaan tana Pirezdaantii Ittaantuu Oromiyaafi Qindeessituu Kilaastara Magaalotaa ta’uun tajaajilaa jiru; Aadde Caaltuu Saanii. Aadde Caaltuun dubartii sabboontuufi murtoo jajjabaa fudhachuun beekamaniidha. Nutis mudannoofi muuxannoosaanii bal’aa keessaa waa qicnee isinii qooduu yaalleerra; dubbisa gaarii.

Bariisaa: Aadde Caaltuu mee dubbistoota keenyaan walbaraa?

Aadde Caaltuu Saanii: Tole, Maqaan kiyya Caaltuu Saaniiti. Godina Harargee Lixaa magaalaa Galamsoottin dhaladhe. Sadarkaa tokkoffaas achuma, Mana Barnootaa Biiftuu Sadarkaa Tokkoffaa jedhamuttin baradhe. Sadarkaa lammaffaammoo walakkaa Finfinneetti kaanimmoo Galamsoodhumattin baradhe.

Isaa booda Yunvarsiitii Finfinnee kaampaasii muummichaa Siddisti Kiloo seenuun ‘management and planning’ baradhe. Barnootuma gidduun immoo bultoo dhaabbadhe. Daa’imman godhachaa digriikoo lammaffaas achumatti ‘leadership and management baradhe.

Bariisaa: Addunyaa hojiittoo yoom seentan, eessa eessas hojjettan?

Aadde Caaltuu: Ani gaafan hojii eegalu ekispartii ta’ee hineegalle. Bara 1997 yommuu barattoonni baay’inaan gara dhaaba OPDOtti akka seenan carraan kenname anis seene. Akkuman barnootaa ba’een Godina Haragee Lixaa, Magaalaa Hirnaa, Aanaa Xuullootti hojii eegale. Achitti Hoggantuu Dhimma Dubartootaa ta’ee ji’oota shaniif hojjedhe.

Ittigaafatamtuu waajjira dhaabaa ta’ees hojjedheera. Guddina argadheemmoo godinatti Ittigaafatamtuu Waajjira Indastiriifi Geejibaa (yeroos caaseffamnisaanii waliin ture) ta’ee tajaajilaeera. Bakka buutuu miseensa paarlaamaa Aanaa Habruufi Magaalaa Galamsoo, akkasumas Ittaantuu walittiqabduu Koree Dhaabbii Misooma Magaalaafi Konistiraakshinii ta’ee hojjedheera. Koree dhaabbii pablik intarpiraayiziis hogganeera.

Booda gara Oromiyaatti dhufee Kantiibaa Magaalaa Laga Xaafoo Laga Daadhii ta’e. Ittaansee Abbaataayitaa Galiiwwan Oromiyaa hogganuun hojii bu’aa qabeessummaa qabu hojjadheen muudamni naa dabalamee bakkan har’a jiru kan qaqqabe; Pirezdaantii Ittaantuufi Qindeessituu Kilaastara Magaalaa Oromiyaa.

Bariisaa: Mee ijoolummaan keessan akkam ture, akkamiin yaadattu? Tarii guddinni keessan hoggansaaf ka’umsa isinii ta’eeraa laata?

Aadde Caaltuu: Gaafan baradhu barattuu jabduun ture. Barattuu sadarkaadhaan baradhee of danda’ee kan biraallee gargaaraan baradhe. Gahee hoggansaa kana akkan shaakalu kan na taasise abbaa kiyya. Abbaan kiyya nama barateefi mariitti amanuudha.

Ogeessa fayyaa warra durii kana. Nama kamuu waliin taanaan yoo mari’atan bu’aan argama jedhee amana. Anaan immoo maatii keessaa ija addaatiin na ilaala. “Ati bar jabduudhaa, waa malee ijoolleekoo keessaa Caaltuu jedhee sin moggaasnee, utuu siin si kennachuu baadhee obboleessa kee hangafa Hibroo kennadhee ati manumatti naa haftee gaarii ture” jechaa hamilee na keessatti horaa na guddise. Kanarraa ka’uun akka nama guddaattin of yaadaa guddadhe.

Abbaan kiyya kilinikiifi faarmaasii qaba ture. Gaafuman ijoollee ture furtuu saanduqaa (kaazinaasaa) anatti kenne. Ana malee haati kiyyallee qabachuu hindandeessu. Wantoota qarshii waliin walqabatan hunda natu ajaja. “Qarshiin hammanaa bakka akkasii jira, isarraa hammana fuudhii kana godhi” jechaa natti himaa ittigaafatamummaa naa kennaa na guddise. Waan abbaan kiyya na amanuuf animmoo isa gammachiisuuf baay’een carraaqa.

Kana malees barnoota kiyyatti akkan jabaadhuuf namni yoo barate garaagarummaa uumuu akka qabu, namni isa argatetti gammade na ga’aa jedhee taa’uu akka hinqabne, dorgomuu kan qabu bakkuma jiru qofatti osoo hintaane darbee biyya guddate waliini jedha.

Waan sirraa fagoo ta’e waliin yoo dorgomte malee quufuu hindandeessu. Waan si bira jirtutti quufnaan, gammadnaan tarkaanfachuu hindandeessu nama jedhu waan ta’eef yeroo hedduu humnan qabu olitti hamilee naa kenna.

Yeroo na gorsu ati dhaabbata idiladdunyaa kanneen akka ‘UNESCO’faatti mindaa nyaachuu qabda naan jedha. Wantoota inni naan jedhurraa ka’ee yeroo tokko tokko anumatu nama akkasiitimoo isumatu beekaa narra tuula jedhee gaafan of gaafadhu qaba.

Gaafa abbaa warraa kiyyatti na kennullee, “Ani waan tokko isinirraa hinbarbaadu. Anatu isinii kenna. Intalli kiyya nama barattee iddoo guddaa geessu waan taateef ishee naa barsiifnaan kennaan kana caalu hinjiru” jechuun waadaa galchisiisee na kenne. Silaa akka aadaatti namni gaafa intala kennatu gurbaan intala fuudhu ykn warri gurbaa waa hedduu fiduu qaban. Waan cidha ittiin baasan, kennaafi kkf jechuudha. Yeroos gocha abbaa kiyyaan haati, adaadaafi firoonni kiyya biroon akkamiin aadaa hinjirre nutti baafta jedhanii ittimufatanii turan.

Abbaan warraa kiyyas akkuma waadaa seene waadaasaa eegee yommuun ijoollee da’ullee osoo “mee takka haa jabaatanii taa’i” naan hinjedhiin na jajjabeesseen baradhe. Nan yaadadha gaafan ilmakoo lammaffaa, Hayyuu godhadhe, ji’a ja’atti biraa deemuu jibbeen takka haa jabaatu, waggaa dhufun baradha yommuun jedhuun waadaa nan nyaachisiin jedhee dide na erge. Kanaaf akka waliigalaatti ka’umsi hogganummaa kiyyaa maatii, jireenyaafi abbaa kiyya jedheen amana. Inni biraan Harargeetti dhalatanii guddachuun mataansaayyuu bilisummaadha.

Bariisaa: Gaafa barattan maal ta’uu hawwitu turtan?

Aadde Caaltuu: Abbaan kiyya waan hakima tureef anis ‘medicine’ qara’aa ykn ‘health officer’ ykn tooruma fayyaarra qalbiin kiyya naanna’aa turte. Abbaan kiyya mooraa tokko keessaa faarmaasii, mooraa biraa keessaammoo kilinikii qaba.

Yommuu inni dhukkubsataa wal’aanu waa hunda natu gargaara ture. Abbaan kiyya nama hedduu quuqama qabuufi sabboonaadha. Akkaataa inni qonnaan bultoota keenya itti wal’aanu hedduu keessa kiyya na tuqa ture.

fakkeenyaaf qonnaan bulaan tokko lafa dheeraa deemee, dafqee, humnisaa laafee dhufa. Nama akkanaa of bira kaa’ee, dhibeen kun waan akkasii akkasiirraa dhufti, kanaafis dawaansaa kana, akkasitti fayyadami” jedhee qofa hingaggeessu.

Bira taa’ee dhibeen inni qabameen maalirraa akka dhufu ittihimee, sababa maaliif akka babal’atuufi namoota naannawasaa akkamiin irraa eeguu akka qabu erga itti himee booda Oromoo ta’uusaammoo itti hima. Duratti Harargeen ati maali yommuu jedhamu “ani Islaama” jedha malee Oromoodha jechuun hinbaratamne.

Kanaaf jecha abbaan kiyya “Ati Oromoodha, Oromoo jechuun ammoo akkana, gabrummaa keessa akka jirtummoo beekuu qabda, amantiinkee Islaama, garuu sabummaan kee Oromoodha. Afaan Oromoo afaan Amaaraan kan barreeffamu osoo hintaane qubee mataasaa ni qaba” jedhee barsiiseetu nama sana gaggeessa.

Nama hedduu akkanaan gargaara, namni gaafa rakkate isa bira dhufus “Oromoo waan ta’eef rakkate, animmoo Oromoo waanin ta’eef gargaaruun qaba” jedhee amana. Yeroo maallaqni irraa hanqate isatu itti guutaaf. Yoo namni isa biratti du’e, dhiqee, kafanee, waan ijoolleedhaaf ta’u mijeessee, konkolaataa kontiraata fuudhee gara qe’eetti erga. Kanarraa kan ka’e namoonni baadiyyaa baay’een “yaa Rabbi silaa duutii hinhaftu, erga ta’ee qe’ee Saanii haakimaatti nu ajjeesi” jedhu turan.

Yeroo tokko namoonni inni mindeesse waliin hojjetan ni ifatu. Sababnisaas isaan kan herreggatan dhukkubsataa hammana yaallee qarshii hammanaa irraa arganna isa jedhu waan ta’eefi.

Yommuu inni dhukkubsattoota wal’aanee dawaa ajajee barreessuuf anaan kenniif jedha. Anis akkaataa ajajasaatiin lakkaa’een namootaaf kenna. Yeroon yeroo qabu hundatti isuma waliinin hojjechaa ture. Yoo inni nama madaa’e dhiqus wajjumaan dhiqaa ture.

Waliigala haala abbaa kiyya nama dirqama lammummaasaa ba’achuuf tattaafatu ta’uusaan hubadha. Anis ummanni keenya har’allee waan gargaarsa barbaaduuf karaa fayyaa kanaan qooda kiyyan ba’adha jedheen yaadaa waanin tureef anis akkan hakima ta’u yaadaan ture. Boodarra garuu akkuma, “Hireen fuudhaa fal’aanaati” jedhamu sana hoggansa ta’eetiin of arge.

Bariisaa: Maatii keessaniif isin intala meeqaffaadha, obboloota keessan keessaawoo namni gara siyaasaatti dhufe jiraa?

Aadde Caaltuu: Obbolaa durbaa shaniifi dhiira sadiin qaba. Obboleettiinkoo tokko lubbuun hinjirtu. Ijoollee abbaan kiyya nu waliin guddiseefi akka obboleeyyaniitti ilaalus nan qaba. Namni gara hoggansaa dhufe hinjiru. Obboleessi kiyya tokko kan natti aanu Gaaddisaa jedhama. Inniifi ani addaddummaan keenya koorniyaadha malee ilaalachaafi ejennoo walfakkaataa qabna. Xiqqoo kan natti dhihaatu isa malee, hunduu ogummaa garagaraarratti baba’aanii jiru.

Bariisaa: Mee obboloonni keessanoo har’a ga’uu keessaniif deggarsi isaan isinii taasisan maal fakkaata?

Aadde Caaltuu: Akka carraa ta’ee ani jireenya kiyyaan nama milkooftuudha jedheen amana. Obboleeyyan kiyya hangafaafi quxusuunis waa hunda anaan mari’atu. Jaalala obbolummaa walii kennaa, qaawwa tokkoo tokko cufaa waliin guddanne.

Anaanimmoo yeroo baay’ee isheen ko’eettiidha jedhanii waan yaadaniif kennaa namni kenneefillee anaaf naa kennu. Obboleeyyan kiyya qofa osoo hintaane oboleeyyan abbaa warraa kiyyaallee akkasi. Abbaan warraa kiyya maatiisaaf dhiira tokkicha, obbleeyyan dubraa torba qaba. Isaan hunduu Caaltuutu obboleettii keenya jedhu.

Haatiisaallee jaalala guddaa naa qabu. Barnoota kiyya sirriitti akkan baradhu yommuun daa’imman xixiqqootti dhiisee deemu kan naaf guddisuusaanii. Ijoolleesaanii dubaraa heerumanii mana qabanillee fidanii ijoolleekoo akka naa guddistu taasisaniiru. Haala kanaan nama addunyaa kanarraa maatiifi maatii abbaa warraadhaan deggarsa argate gammachuudhaan jiraatuudha ani.

Bariisaa: Isinoo haadha ijoollee meeqaati?

Aadde Caaltuu: Kanin ofii da’ee afur, kaniin guddisummoo shanin qaba. Waliigala dubara lamaafi dhiira torban qaba.

Bariisaa: Qajeelfamni (principle) jireenya keessanii maali?

Aadde Caaltuu: Namni hamma danda’etti waan gaarii haa hojjetu. Waan namni hamaa hojjeteef hamaa sana bira dhaquu hinbarbaachisu. Ani sababa kamiinuu mataa kiyya waliin walloluu hinbarbaadu. Namni mataa ofii wajjin wallole nama tokko waliinillee araaramuu hindanda’u. Waanti hamtuu ati namarratti dalagdu deebi’ee sumarratti dhiibbaa uuma. Kanaaf qajeelfamni ani itti amanuufi jiraadhee ittiin as ga’e, abbaan fedhe waan hamtuu haa dalagu, ani karaa kiyyaan waan hamtuu hindalagu jedhuudha.

Waanin danda’u hunda keessatti nama gargaaruuf nan tattaafadha. Waanin gaarummaa abbaa kiyyaa argaa guddadheef namni waan gaarii hojjetuun gammadaa jiraata, umuriinsaa dheerata, waan qaburrattillee Rabbiin barakaa kaa’aaf isa jedhu bareera.

Akka Wayyaaneen abbaa kiyyarratti xiyyeeffattee gooteen silaa nama jiraatu hinturre. Garuu waan gaarii hojjechuusaatiin Rabbi lubbuusaas bitee sadarkaa kanaan akka jiraatu ta’e. Har’allee lubbuudhaan jira.

Bariisaa: Barnoota sadarkaa lammaffaa Galamsoofi Finfinneettin baradhe jettaniittu. Akkamiin gara Finfinnee dhuftan mee?

Aadde Caaltuu: Gaafa Wayyaaneen biyya seentu ani barattuu kutaa shanaffaati. Yeroo sana namoota ABO ni gargaaru jedhamanii yaadaman keessaa abbaan kiyya isa tokko ture. Kanarraa kan ka’ee abbaa kiyya waan isaan hingoone hinjiru. Mana hidhaa Magaalaa Galamsootti hidhanii, halkan baasanii bakka hallayyaa ‘Xirsoo Gadal’ jedhamutti cafaqanii, tumanii waan ABO gargaarte fidi jedhanii gidirsu.

Guyyaa tokko akkuma siin jedhe waan hakima tureef nama wal’aanaa ture. Aniifi obboleeyyan kiyya waan ijoollee turreef mooraadhuma keessaa taphatanna. Yoona kana Wayyaanonni dhufanii marsanii “ABO guddichi qabamuufi” jedhanii qabaniin. Haadha tiyya waamanii teesisanii, abbaa kiyya jilbeenfachiisan. Akkuma teeteskooppii mormarratti qabatee, gawaaniisaa uffatetti jilbeenfate. Isaa booda ijoolleekee waami jedhaniin. Ijoolleen hangafootakoo hundi maqaa Qur’anaa qabu. Warri anarraa kaasee jirrummoo maqaan keenya Afaan Oromooti. Gaafa hangafoota kiyya waamu callisanii ilaalan.

Gaafa warra na booda jiran waamuu eegalummoo, “Kunoo maqaa ABOti, Harargeetti maqaan akkanaa hinjiru” jechaa bakka inni jilbeenfattetti fiixee qawweetiin gurrasaa keessa rukutu. Akkasitti dha’anii utuun ija kiyyaan ilaaluu dhiigni gurra keessaan yaa’e. Fuudhaniis gara mana hidhaa geessan.

Waggoota sadiif gidiraadhaan mana hidhaa keessa ture. Halkan halkan dararaanii bulu. Jaartiin abbaan kiyya gargaaraa ture ollaa karchallee jiraattu tokko sagalee abbaa kiyyaa sirriitti beeku. Ganamaan mana keenya dhuftee, gadi nu baasanii, “Saaniin hakimaa eda hinbulle, gadoodaa bule. Du’uu hinoollee mee deemaa ilaalaa” jedhan. Gaafa deeman namni namatti isa agarsiisu hinjiru.

Guyyaa tokko ani ganamaan deemeen “abbaa kiyya argu malee hindeemu” jennaan alatti gadi na darban. Anis deebi’ee lafarra gangaladhee boo’aa “abbaa kiyya argu malee hindeemu” jedheen boo’a. Isaanis inuma na darbatu. Darbannaasaaniitiin miillikoo sosolloqee dhiignaan namichi tokko Amaariffaan, “Abbaadha mitii maal qaba yoo agarsiistan?” jennaaniin “Namichi dhumeera, waa tokkoonsaayyuu hinhafne, ijasaa qofatu jira” jedhaniin. “Maarree ijumasaa hafe itti agarsiisaakaa” jennaaniin karaa dallaa shibootiin na agarsiisan. Fuulasaatti dhiigni mammaragameera. Yommuun isa waamu “Caaltuu tiyya nan jira, homaa hinta’u deemi, yoon du’ellee ati dhiiga kiyya ni baastaa gali” naan jedhe.

Ergan isa argee booda jara galateeffadhee gara manaatti deebi’e. Namichi tokko maatii kiyyarraa qarshii kuma 270 fudhateetu, halkan isaan ajjeesuuf deeman akka miliqee badu taasise. Gaafa sana abbaan kiyya achii badee dhufee Finfinneetti gale. Finfinneettis torban tokko mana tokko, torban biraa mana biraa kireeffataa na waliin jiraachuu eegale.

Haaluma kanaan kutaa 8fafi 9fa sagal Mana Barnootaa Sadarkaa Lammaffaa Nifaas Silki, naannawa Saariisitti argamuttin baradhe. Gaafa biyyi tasgabbaa’u, qabeenyasaas dhabee biyyatti deebine.

Bariisaa: Yeroo baay’ee yommuu Wayyaanee daran hadheeffattaniifi balaaleffattan mul’attu. Yommuu Kantiibaa Magaalaa Laga Xaafoo turtan sanayyuu ijaarsasaanii seeraan alaa jalaa diigdanii turtan. Tarii kun waan maatii keessan mudateen walqabataa?

Aadde Caaltuu: Eeyyee. Ani Wayyaanee kan sirnaa akkuma jirtutti taatee miidhaa akka dhuunfaatti narra qabsiisanirraa kan ka’e akka maleen jibba. Yommuun kantiibaa turetti tarkaanfiiwwan fudhadhu hunda keessatti isaan adamsaan ture. Yeroo tokko Wayyaanichi qarshii nurraa fudhatee abbaa kiyya mana hidhaatii baasisee sun, lafa ijaarsa riilisteetiif fudhatee ture.

Ani isa ta’uusaa hinbeeku; laficha irraa fuusiseen qonnaan bultootaaf kennisiise. Yoona kana bilbila abbaa kiyyaa barbaadanii itti bilbiluun “Obbo Saanii, kaleessa lubbuu kan kee harka keenya turte nuti si baase, har’ammoo lubbuun intalakeetiifi keenyaa si harka waan jiruuf lafa isheen nurraa fuusiste nuu deebisiisi” jedhaniin.

Abbaan kiyyas natti bilbilee “namicha akkanaa ni beektaa?” jedhee na gaafannaan lakkin jedheen. Booda seenaa jiru natti hime namichi na miidhuu akka danda’u dubbatee akkan ofeegu na gorse. Anis tole jedheenii dalaguma kiyyan dalaga. Dalagaa kiyya keessatti yeroo hunda Oromoon lafas kennee hinkabajamu yoo ta’e, lafa keenya dhoowwannee kabajicha dhabuu wayya; lafas fudhatanii si tuffannaan nama dhukkubsa. Kanaaf jecha “haa badan” jedheen du’aaf of qoode jechuudha.

Gaafa aangoorra jiran lafa hektaara 100 ol warri hojii nageenyaa hojjetan fudhatanii lafa Oromiyaarratti bulchiinsa magaalaa naannoo biraa ijaaruuf waa hunda xumuratanii, qonnaan bulaarraa lafa fudhatanii, ijoollee qonnaan bulaa achirraa buqqa’an yommuu pirojektichi eegalu carraa hojii isinii kennina jedhanii irraa ari’atan sana carraa dhowwatanii, hojjetaa guyyaallee fe’atanii dhufan. Ijoolleen achirraa ka’anis himmannaaf na bira dhufan.

Yeroo kana ofuma kiyyaaf konkolaataa oofaa dhaqee fiishkaa tokko qaba turee isa afuufee, “Hojjechuu hindandeessanii dhaabaa” jedheen. Isaan achitti mankuusafaa ijaarratanii waan hunda iddoo qabsiifatanii fixaniiru. “Nuti karaa seeraa lafa fudhanneerra, maaliif dhaabna” naan jedhan. Anis “Kantiibaan magaalattii ana, hangan ittihinamannetti waanti tokkollee hinhojjetamu” jedheen dhaabsise.

Akka isaan itti nama keenya rakkisaa turan anis carraa argameenin rakkisa jedheen keessaa ari’e. Mankuusa isaan irratti ijaarratan ijoollee qonnaan bulaa lafa abbaasaaniirratti carraa hojii dhabanirraa buqqisiiseen laficha deebisee isaanumaaf kenne.

Kanarraa kan ka’e abbaan kiyya ganamas galgalas bilbilee na iyyaafata. “Yoo walga’iirrallee jiraatte ergaa gabaabaadhaan osoo hintaane afaaniin na dubbisi” naan jedha. Utuun walga’ii ummataa gaggeessuullee yoo abbaan kiyya bilbile, kaaseen dubbisa. Manatti galeellee yoon amma manan jira jedheen abbaa warraa ykn ijoolleetti bilbilee qulqulleeffata.

Gaaf tokko “abbaa kiyya erga akkanatti rakkattee dachuma kana kenneefii maaliif hafuura sin baafachiifne” jedheen. Innis “Qeerroon du’aa jirtus ilmaanuma kiyya, ati ijoolleenillee sirraa haftee, ati du’uu wayya malee lafuma kana jara kanaaf hinkennin” naan jedhe. Aniyyuu duras waan ati jettuuf ilaaluufi jennaaniin “Lafti dhiiga, lafeedha, lafa kana kennuurra si dhabee ilmaankee guddifachuu naa wayya, inni ani dhiiga kiyya situ naa baasa siin jedhe bar kanuma” naan jedhe. Haala kanaanin hojii kiyya gammachuudhaan hojjedha.

Yommuun mooraa muummee yunvarsiitii Finfinnee Siddisti Kiilootti barachaa ture jecha pirezdaantii duraanii Ameerikaa mana kitaabaa keessatti maxxanfameefi “Namni kamuu biyyi maal naa goote jechuu osoo hintaane, ani biyya kiyyaaf maaliin godhe jedhee ofgaafachuu qaba” jedhu tokko dubbise.

Yeroo mara oggaan qayyabachuuf mana kitaabichaa seenu barreeffamicha callisee ilaaleen, “Edaa ani ulaagaa namaa hinguutu” sababnisaas ani biyyaaf homaa hingoone jedheen buusee baasa. Booda achi malee bakkan ittiqayyabadhu waanin hinqabneef hijaaba kiyyaan fuulakoo dhokseen qayyabadhee ba’a.

Gaafan carraa argadhee jara sana buqqisee qonnaan bulaa Oromoo deebisu, dhaqeen barreeffamicha ija guutuudhaanilaale. Xiiqiin akkanaa faayidaalee xixiqqoo namni irratti walbutu akka hinilaalle, fuuldurakeetti waan gaarii akka yaaddu, sabaafi biyyaaf akka jiraattu miira si keessatti uuma.

Bariisaa: Aadde Caaltuun gaafa waltajjirratti dubbatan waan sagalee jabaa fayyadamaniif dhekkamtuu fakkaatu malee baay’ee gara laafeettiidha jedhamu. Isin kana ofirratti hubattaniittuu? Gara laafummaan keessanoo maalirraa madde?

Aadde Caaltuu: Eeyyee. Garaa laafuufi nama namummaasaatiin kabajuun ni jira. Waan hir’aterra isa guutuu ilaaluun jaaladha. Waa’ee ofii utuu namni biraa namaa dubbate gaariidha. Garuu erga kaastee ani yeroo hunda waan ifaafi waan gaariitu natti mul’ata. Dukkana booda ifti akka jirus nan amana. Gadi jechuufi xiqqaatanii mul’achuu keessa akka kabajni jirun yaada. Namni rakkoo namaa xiqqumallee yoo qooddate gammachuu qaba jedheen amana. Kanas abbaa kiyyarraan baradhe.

Bariisaa: Kanarratti mudannoo wayii akka qabdan odeeffadheeraa, dubbistootaaf nuu qoodaa mee?

Aadde Caaltuu: Yeroo baay’ee oggaan konkolaataadhaan deemu nama ilaalaan deema. Ani yommuun dhiqadhee, uffadhee, miidhagee deemu, yeroon dubartii daandiirra teessee argu maal taate jedhee keessikoo waan gadduuf, bu’ee dubbisee, jajjabeessee, waanin qaburraas kenneefiin darba.

Guyyaa tokko yommuun kantiibaa ture sana akkanuma konkolaataadhaan hojiidhaa ba’ee utuun gara manaa deemuu namicha akka malee huqqatee, dhukkubsate dallaa jala ciisu arge. Daandichati yeroo hedduu hinfayyadamu. Gaafa sana akkuma tasaan karaa sana bahe.

Namichi harkasaarratti qarshii xiqqoo qabateera, bishaan haayilaandiidhaan bira dhaabbateera. Haalli inni itti ciise akkan bira hindabarre na godhe. Bishaanuma bira jiru obaasuunuu, qarshii inni harkaa qabuun waanuma tokko bitanii kennuunuu gargaarsa natti fakkaannaan konkolaachisaakootiin dhaabi namicha kana fuunaa jedheen bu’e.

Walgargaarree fuunee buufata fayyaa geessine. Namichi of hinbeeku, akka malee dafqeera, kofoonsaas jiiteetti. Gaafa mana yaalaa geenyu dubartiin takka “hojjetaan ba’eeraa, abbaan dabareemmoo waan hinseenneef eeggadhaa” naan jennaan tole jedhee gara daqiiqaa 30 ol taa’e.

Eegee dadhabnaan ammas irra deebi’ee abbaan dabaree maaliif akka hinseenne gaafadhe. “Hinseenne, gaafa ittitole seentii taa’i” naan jette. Waa hunda amansiisuu yaallaan na hubachuu hindandeenye. Akka isheen bilbila itti naa bilbiltu gaafannaan ammoo kaardii hinqabu naan jette.

Kan kootiin itti naa bilbili jennaan lakkoofsashee naa kenneitee itti bilbiladhe. Waa hundas itti hime. Bilbilashee argachuunkoo ishee aarsee, “callisii taa’i, yommuun qaqqabun dhufaa, nama bilbila kiyya sii kennemmoo gaafan dhufun gaafadha” jettee narratti cufte.

Turtee dhuftee ‘kan naa bilbile si’ii’ jettee na gaafatte. Eeyyee jennaaniin, ‘ati nama biraarraa addaa, callistee hinteessuu’ jettee dheekkamte. Isuma seenteyyuu bilbila bilbiltee haasa’utti teesse. Daqiiqaa 30 ol turtee dhuftee namicha galchi naan jette. Namichi dhaabachuu hindanda’u. Akka istireecharii naa kennitu gaafannaan, nama fidattee hindhuftu turtee naan jette. Deemee konkolaachisaa kiyya waamee waliin galchine.

Edaa namichi qaamasaa keessaa sukkaarri dhumee gulukoosii barbaada. Isa kennaniif. Utuun achi jiru sa’aatiin 2:00 darbe. Oggaa namichi xiqqoo bayyanatu dubbisnaan dhibee sukkaaraa akka qabu natti hime.

Dawaa bitiif naan jennaan yeroon bituuf gadi ba’u, waardiyyaan “Reeffa konkolaataadhaan fiddee, asitti gattee deemuufii? Hinbaatu” naan jedhe. Ol deebi’ee hakimittiitti himnaan ittigaafatamaasaatti naa bilbiltee naa eeyyamamee ba’ee qoricha bitee deebi’e.

Ammas utuun achii hinba’iin sa’aatiin 3:00 ta’e. Ani daa’imman manaa qaba. Hojiin na harka jira, ganamaan hojii deemuun narra jira. Dubartiittiidhaan akkan namicha hinbeekne, daandiirratti argee fide itti hime. Isheenis, “Ati fayyaa hinqabduuyi, akkamiin nama akkanaa fuutee fidda? ani bar firakeen se’e” naan jette. Mee namni kun namaa miti? Gargaarsa dhabee du’uu qabaa? jennaaniin, fuulduraaf irraa baradhu, utuu namichi kun asitti du’ee sumatu mana hidhaa seena naan jette.

Ani garuu isarra namni kun waanin isa gargaareef fayyee jiraachuu waan danda’uuf rakkoo boodarraan dhufu ilaaluu hinbarbaadu. Utuma rakkinni wayii dhufteellee akkan hinmiidhamne nan beeka.

Bariisaa: Yeroo biraas akkanuma utuu nama gargaartanii hatamtanii turtan mitii?

Aadde Caaltuu: Eeyyee. Ani yeroo baay’ee konkolaataa ofuma kiyyaafiin oofa. Yeroon dubartootaafi daa’imman daandiirratti argu dursa kenneefiin hanga konkolaataan kiyya dandeessu fe’a. Yommuun Xaafoodhaa dhufee naannawa ‘Mabraataayilii’ jedhamu gahu yeroo hunda hiriira taaksiitu jira. Namoota akkanatti hiriiran bira callisee darbuun waan daran natti ulfaatuuf namoota fe’een darba.

Guyyaa tokko utuun oofaa jiruu bakka hinmijanne wayiitti tiraafikiin na dhaabsise. Eeyyama konkolaachisummaa na gaafatee boorsaa keessaa baasee itti agarsiise. Erga waa hunda ilaalee booda iji konkolaataakee tokko rakkoo waan qabuuf ilaalchisi jedhee naa deebise.

Tole jedhee waan duubaa kilaaksii natti gochaa jiraniif utuun boorsaakoo hincufiin dafee oofuu eegale. Namootas iddoo iddootti buusaa deemeen mana kiyya ga’e. Ganamasaa ijoolleen waa bituuf qarshii na gaafannaan gaafan kennuuf jedhu waaleetiin kiyya keessa hinjiru. Waaleeticha keessa viizaan, waraqaan eenyummaa, eeyyamni konkolaachisummaafi qarshiin tureera. Tarii konkolaataa keessatti kufe jennee barbaannaanis hinjiru. Oggaan yaadadhu yommuu tiraafikiin na dhaabsise sana fudhataniiru.

Kanarraanimmoo yeroon itti deddeebi’ee eeyyama konkolaachisummaafi wantoota na jalaa badan kaan baafadhullee hinqabu. Abbaan warraa kiyya nama gaariidhaa garuummoo gochaa kiyya kanaan yeroo mara akkan ofeeggadhu natti hima.

Finfinnee keessa waan baay’eetu jira, miidhaanillee sirra qaqqabuu danda’a naan jedha ture. Animmoo qajeelfamni kiyya hamman danda’etti waan gaarii hojjechuudha. Yoo rabbiin natti dhiisee miidhamemmoo homaa gochuu hindanda’un jedhaan. Eeyyema konkolaachisummaa kiyya baasifachuuf adeemsa jiru akka na gargaaru isa gaafannaan, yoon kana si gargaare waan irraa hinbaraneef jedhee na dide. Anis meeshaan na jalaa baduu bulchiinsarraa xalayaa barreessifadhee hamman baafadhutti itti fayyadamaa ture.

Guyyaa biraa gaafan bakka dura nama fe’u sana ga’u ciniinnadheedhuman dhiisee darbe. Garuu osoon mana kiyya hinga’iin sammuun boqonnaa na dhabee, namoota achi dhaabatan keessaa tokkomatu hamaadha, sababa nama tokkootiin waan gaarii kiyya yoon dhiise anatu gammachuu dhaba.

Kanaaf ofeeggachuun qaba malee gaarummaa kiyya dhiisuu akkan hinqabne ofitti himee lammata naannessee deebi’ee namoota fe’ee otoon bakka dhaabbii taaksii hinga’iin tarii abbaan warraa kiyya yoo na arge jedhee buusee gale. Isaa booda nama ilaallachaa fe’uun eegale jechuudha.

Bariisaa: Hiriira zayitiifi sukkaaraallee ni dhaabbattuu odeeffanne. Kun dhugumaa?

Aadde Caaltuu: Ani tajaajilaaf bakka tokko dhaqee akkuma nama tokkoottin tajaajilamuu barbaada. Bara 2004 yommuun miseensa paarlaamaa ture zayitiifi sukkaarri biyya keessaa bade tokko miseensonni paarlaamaa dursa qabu turan; hiriiras hindhaabatan.

Anis obboleeyyankoo lama waliin zayiitiifi sukkaara fudhachuu ganda deemne. Ani zayiitiifi sukkaarri akkasitti dhabamuunsaayyuu qaanii natti ta’eera. Dubartiin subii kaatee hiriira dhaabbatti. Anis akkuma nama kaanii ganama barii ba’ee dabaree dhaabbadhe. Miseensoonni biroon ammoo naannawa tokko jiraanna waan ta’eef kallattumaan dhufaniitu, darbanii deemanii fudhatu. Gaafa namoonni hiriiraa malee jedhaniin “Nuti miseensota paarlaamaati” jedhanii waraqaa eenyummaa itti agarsiisanii darbu.

Yommuu hiriirarratti na arganii “Caaltu ati maal asii goota” naan jedhan akka isaan callisanii darbaniif mallattoo kenneefiin deemaa jedhaan. Silaa rakkoo kana hiikuu kan qabu nu’i. Waan ummanni ta’e waliin ta’uun gammachuudha jedheen amana. Obboleettiin kiyya quxisuun “nama aangootti fayyadamuu hinbeeknetti aangoo kennanii rakkanne” jettee natti qoosti.

Har’allee taanaan bakka yoon kamuu deemu ani kan natti mul’atu Caaltuu ta’uu kiyya qofa malee waan nbiraa miti.

Bariisaa: Dhiheenya kana badhaasa iddoo garagaraatii argattan deebiftanii kennitaniittu. Barattuu yunvarsiitii Odaa Bultum gaafa eebbashee deesses hospitaalatti badhaastaniittu. Kun maaliirraa madda?

Aadde Caaltuu: Ani waanin itti jiraadhu nan qaba. Itti ida’achuun kan barbaachisu ta’us waanin qabu na ga’a jedheetiin amana. Kanaaf badhaasa ummanni kiyya na badhaase walitti qabeen namoota harka qal’eeyyii ta’aaniif deebisee kenne. Kanaafis koree dhaabee kennaawwan kiyya gurguramanii namoonni rakkatan akka itti gargaaraman taasise.

Hojii kana kanin eegale Harargee Bahaatti. Garuu godinichi bal’aa waan ta’eef haadha hunda ga’uu baatullee haatumti tokkollee yoo itti gargaaramte isheenis haadhuma tiyya jedhee waanin amanuufin kenne.

Gargaarsa keessa gammachuun jirti. Namni ana qofa jedhee jiraachuu hinqabu. Ati nyaattee ollaan beela yoo jiraate sun nyaata miti. Waan nyaatte sitti fakkaata malee nyaachuu miti. Kennuu keessa jaalala, mo’uu, gammachuutu jira.

Barattuu gaafa eebbashee deessees kanin deemee jajjabeesseef keessumaa yeroo baay’ee shamarran musliimaa heerumnaan gara barnootaatti deebi’uun daran waan hinbaratamneef akkasumas cimina barattuu kanarraa shamarran kaanis waa haa baratan jedheeni.

Bariisaa: Aadde Caaltuun ogummaa mana keessaatiin akkami? Maatii keessan waliinoo yeroo akkamiin dabarsiitu?

Aadde Caaltuu: Yeroon yeroo qabu ijoollee kiyya waliin haasa’uun jaaladha. Muuxannoo jireenyakoon qoodaaf. Gama ogummaatiin ammoo qulqullina hedduun jaaladha. Nyaatas nin dalaga. Ani hoggansa of tajaajiltuudha. Mana keessatti ani akka isinii galuttiin hojjettuu jedha malee ishees akka ilmoo kiyyatti ilaala. Isheen waggaa sagal na bira teesse. Yommuu mana kiyya seentu Afaan Oromoo hindandeessu.

Amma garuu na caalaa dubbatti. Baay’ee waanin ofitti dhiheessuuf waliinin mari’adha. Carraa ta’ee malee isheenis akkumakoo fedha ni qabdi. Gaaf tokko tokko “har’a haajaa wayiin qabaa duwaayii naa godhi” jedheeniin gara hojii kiyyaa deema. Yeroon galummoo akkam taate jettee na gaafatti. Gaafan hojiif dirree deemullee ijoollee kiyya caalaa isheetu mararfata.

Amma akka isheen heerumtuullee ittiin hima. Ani jireenya kiyya jiraadheera; isheenis jireenyashee jiraattee ilmaanillee akka hortuun barbaada. Isheenimmoo hanga ati jirtutti hinheerumu gaafa naan jettu “anatu si fuudhamoo” jedheellee itti qoosa.

Namni dhabuusaatiin gadi aantummaan akka itti dhaga’amu hinfedhu. Waliin odanii jiraachuus hinjaaladhu. Fuula ifaatiin waliin jiraanna. Qajeelfamni mana keenyaa mariidha. Kan balleesse dhiifama gaafatee jiraanna.

 Saamraawiit Girmaatiin

Gaazexaa Bariisaa Fulbaana 15/2014

Undue Pressure on Poor Countries Inhuman, Imperialistic: Former US Defense Dep’t Member

Undue pressure on poor countries through the use of sanction, propaganda or intimidation for interest is inhuman and imperialistic, according to Cyber Security Specialist and Former Member of the US Department of Defense.

Following the recent misguided move of the U.S on Ethiopia, Oliver Thomas said undue pressure on poor countries through the use of sanction, propaganda or intimidation for interest is inhuman and imperialistic.

“If we truly believe in democracy and that it is right for people to rule themselves, it would be hypocritical for us to try to control other people,” he pointed out.

Oliver Thomas is known for his criticism against some members of the international community including the government of America on their unfair attempts to pressurize Ethiopia.

In an open letter Prime Minister Abiy  Ahmed wrote to U.S. President Joe Biden this week, he noted that “The American people and the rest of the Western world are being misguided by the reports, narratives and data distortions of global entities many believe were driven to help impoverished countries like mine, yet have in the past months portrayed victims as oppressors and oppressors as victims through partisan narratives and bankrolled networks”. ENA

Adem Kedir -Arsi University graduate who speaks 12 languages ​​fluently


Arsi University graduate who speaks 12 languages ​​fluently

During his study time at the university, he was fluent in 6 additional languages ​​and was offered a job at the university and a master’s degree.

Adam graduated with a degree in sociology and is fluent in Afan Oromo, Amharic, Tigrinya, Arabic, Sudanese, Silte, Hadiya and others.

His mother tongue is Sidamo and he spoke six languages ​​when he arrived at the university. During his time at the university, Adam was able to increase his language skills to 12 different languages.

The university offered him the opportunity to pursue a career in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities and to join his master’s degree study.

Source: FBC

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